A Tale of Two Cities, Wasted Talent Magazine

“In August 2018, the Copenhagen Open took the event on the road, bringing the international skateboarding elite and crowds from all over the globe through Amsterdam and Berlin. And the finest times were had. The morning mimosas. The weather. The rivers. The streets. The hangovers to make grown men cry. But mainly the fact that the crowd is a big family – pros and fans all mixed up. And whilst we still hesitate to specify when non-skateboard-initiated folks ask what the event actually is, one sure thing is that the CPH Open’s uniqueness lies in its ability to bring individuals together. Have you ever heard of such thing than sharing a mid-game champagne flute with Lebron James? Or even closer to our world, have a levelled-out chat with old mate Gabriel Medina? In all honesty, we simply don’t know another event in the world allowing such proximity between world famous athletes, fans coming from all horizons, and random street lurkers passing by. "A Tale of Two Cities" is our ode to this year's special edition of the CPH open, set in two cities we simply adore: Amsterdam and Berlin. A video supported by Monster Energy. Filmed by Yentl Touboul & Robin Pailler. 16mm by Yentl Touboul. Edited by Yentl Touboul. Executive producer: Alexei Obolensky. Music by Death in June & Jeremy Jay. Shot partially on 16mm Kodak Motion Picture Film. Processed & Scanned by Kodak London.”

Victor Lieberath